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Only a few years ago it was still rare for people under the age of 20 to get their music out there.  Sure we’ve always had Britney Spears’, Jackson 5’s and Justin Bieber’s but for the past two years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of music being heard coming from teenagers.  A few of the biggest indie musicians from this past year have been 17 year old Archy Marshall (King Krule) and the teenage dominated rap collective Odd Future.  With tools like ableton and fl studio, musicians of all ages can make music and this has clearly been to the benefit of the blogosphere.  Some of my personal favorite acts from this year include the 16 year old Florida duo Glamstick, 17 year old Beat Culture and 15 year old beat-maker Hollow Pigeons… oh, and of course Terry and I are only 17.  Last night, I chatted with Ryan of Hollow Pigeons and shared our common love for the PS1 jrpgs and about being an internet musician while being only 15.  As usual the chat was left largely unedited…

PK: when did you start making music?

Ryan: i started around christmas last year. i managed to pick up a midi controller at my local music store and fucked around with that + fl studio. i made some pretty terrible stuff haha.

PK: haha that’s awesome, do you still use fl studio?

Ryan: nope, i used it for around 3 months until i discovered ableton live and i haven’t looked back since. i tried other programs but none of them compare to ableton ❤

PK: that is almost exactly how Sunik (Beat Culture) progressed, ableton is sweeet

Ryan: haha wow yup

PK: what are some of your earliest music memories? where you raised on any particular music?

Ryan: i mostly listened to whatever was on tv/radio as a kid and i guess that’s how i developed my love for hip-hop. i honestly didn’t care too much for music until i heard kanye west’s stuff. and to this day, he’s still a huge influence on me. video game music also holds a special place in my heart, i got some fond memories of statying up as a kid to play some jrpg’s haha

PK: are there any jrpg’s in particular you were into?

Ryan: everything from squaresoft/enix, the final fantasy’s in particular. x is my favorite, probably because it was my first one. i love the chrono series as well, especially the soundtrack to chrono cross… probably my favorite soundtrack ever.

PK: I had 7 for the ps1 but I was too young to really appreciate it. looking back that was a seriously amazing game to grow up with

Ryan: haha yeah i was 1 when that came out! didn’t play it until about 10 years later. one of my favorites as well

PK: I’ve never played Chrono Cross, but Chrono Trigger is amazing, also that video you made, ‘Elixir’, great stuff

Ryan: yup, i haven’t played chrono cross either but i just so happened to stumble on the soundtrack after playing trigger and i’m glad i did! thanks! ‘lost fragment’ from chrono cross was the sample if anyone’s interested

PK: are you planning on doing anything with that song?

Ryan: not as of now. although i might make a little compilation of video game sampled material i do in the future though!

PK: what are some games or rappers that are influential for you now?

Ryan: oh man i haven’t been playing too much video games of late as i sold my ps3 a while ago. but the last game i really enjoyed was phoenix wright: ace attorney on my ds, where you roleplay as a lawyer. it’s kinda stupid but it works. as far as rappers, i’ve been listening to a lot of asap rocky, spaecghostpurrp, childish gambino and lil b.

PK: nice, there has been a lot of good rap in the past year. Are you an OF fan?

Ryan: i used to listen to OF heavy last year. i loved ‘radical’ and ‘earl’ but i haven’t been keeping up with them too much as of late. i still play both of those tapes and every now and then though, they never get old.

PK: for sure, would you ever want to make beats for rappers? Like a clams casino kind of gig

Ryan: only rapper i’d ever want to spit on my stuff would be the based god himself. i’d die a happy man if he were to ever rap on my beats. listening to based god right now haha

PK: nice, where do you see Hollow Pigeons going? Do you want to keep releasing electronic/bedroom stuff?

Ryan: i honestly have no idea. i’ve been actually thinking of incorporating my own vocals into my work, similar to how baths’ does but i’m not too sure yet. i love baths as well, everything that will releases is great. cerulean was probably my favorite album of 2010, great shit.

PK: yeah Baths is fantastic, that’d be cool to hear. how have people’s reactions been to your music? were you surprised at the response?

Ryan: i was definitely surprised. i didn’t think i’d be making money off this or even be sitting here right now talking to you right now. but it definitely feels good knowing that people enjoy my work.

PK: do you think you’re next project will be a full-length?

Ryan: no idea yet haha. only thing i have planned as far as music goes right now is to make a few more videos and shit.

PK: word. well any last shout outs you want to make? blogs, other small artists other projects?

Ryan: thanks to the up-turn for constantly posting good music. and ughhhhhh shout out to smoke room and the whole zoom lens camp and beat cultcha as well (‘if only’ is dope). and shout to everyone that listens to my music, really appreiciate it! last but not least, thank you based god!

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