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The Up-Turn

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Vince Staples and Michael Uzowuru are back and better than ever.  Over the past year and a half, I’ve heard way too few verses from Vince, but it seems as though they are getting more frequent as of late which is a beautiful thing.  On this track, Vince’s lyrics are not just violent, but the closest thing to Compton gangsta rap I have heard in a while.  They’re the type of lyrics that you can’t help but wondering if they are true or not, and always hope they aren’t.  On the production side of this track, the great Michael Uzowuru is still killing it.  He provided a gritty, grimey, gun-shot-sampling beat that is incredibly infectious.  I’m hoping the increased flow of tracks from Vince means his album is coming soon, but we shall see.  Stream/download below…


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