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Monthly Archives: November 2011

When the guys in Pressed And were envisioning their collaborative EP Imbue Up, they were determined to have a video for each of the seven tracks on the album.  And while this task would be challenging for anyone, Pressed And pulled through pulling together seven videos from seven different directors.  I have included all seven after the jump in order of the album’s playlist…

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With the second single off of his upcoming album Tokyo Dreamer, Beat Culture has created a unique style that is more distinct than ever.  In this slow, ardently euphoric track Beat Culture makes incredible use of Beyonce and Beach Boys vocal samples in a unique way.  Instead of thinking of them as lead vocal tracks, Beat Culture re-purposes the vocals as instruments that sound organic and far from choppy or machine-like and uses them as melodic lines.  This time the song also comes along with a video from Synesthesiæ Films that matches up clips from the recent movie Another Earth to fit a long with the song.  If this doesn’t get you extremely excited for Tokyo Dreamer I have no hope for you.  Download “Midori” below…



The entire career of ASAP Rocky was jump-started by the fantastic videos for ‘Peso’ and ‘Purple Swag’ so a new video from the rapper should be a pretty big deal.  Compared to the other videos, the clip for ‘Demons’ isn’t anything very special resorting mostly to shots of Rocky smoking.  Apparently Rocky isn’t incredibly happy with the clip though, going on his twitter saying “THE GARBAGE ASS DEMONS VIDEO THAT LEAKED WAS NOT CLEARED BY US.”  So this video may not even be up for much longer but it’s still an excuse to listen to the awesome track…


Given how much hazy, chilled-out and sample-based electronic music there is today it’s refreshing to hear an artist make reverb-free electronic music.  Ambinate makes music that takes as much influence from modern trance music as it does from the IDM movement of the 90s.  Over the course of the EP’s 4-tracks, Ambinate shows off some serious talent and I’m seriously convinced that whatever style he continues to pursue in the future will be great.  Cycles came at  great time with the blogosphere over-saturated with chill-wave and sample-based artists (not saying that I don’t still like those) and is a must listen.  Stream below and download at his bandcamp


Mike G is often written off as being a no-talent member of Odd Future.  I disagree, and I think this EP illustrates why pretty well.  Mike G might not have the most energetic or technical flow, but he has a great ear for beats and features, gathers those beats really well, and put together a hell of an EP.  In this 7 song EP, Mike G has a kind of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on The Chronic thing going with the more than proficient Vince Staples, and they complement each other perfectly (as is evident in the stream below).  If you were hoping Mike G’s rapping style would change from Ali, you will be disappointed, but most of the beats on Award Tour are even better than Ali.  If you are looking for a nice, easy listen and like synthy, melodic beats, look no further.  Stream “Carrera” below and then download the entire EP for free below that.



Although he lists Skrillex and Zeds Dead as artists he has played with, the music of San Francisco native Tree could not be farther from the testosterone saturated, brainless music of everyone’s favorite (hipster sarcasm) brostep artist.  Instead, Tree’s brand of acoustically tinged electronic music is lush, deliberate and sometimes stunning.

Tree- People (ft. Shelf Nunny & Lena Kuhn):

I’m not quite sure what Tree is planning on doing with them all but he has built up quite an impressive catalog of tracks with a steady following on his soundcloud.  Going through the music, it’s clear that Tree isn’t quite ready to focus on one sound, which is good because he sounds great no matter what he is doing.

Baths- Hall (Treemake):


Real Estate are a band that are best appreciated live.  They’ve always come across equally as a jam band and a traditional indie rock group and their strengths being both are exactly why they are one of my favorite bands.  As the reporter from KEXP accurately describes “I picture [Real Estate] sitting a midst a plethora of rainbows, eating apple pie and skittles and playing with puppies.”  We’ve already seen the guys with puppies and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also had weaknesses for apple pie and skittles.  Also I’m happy to see that the drummer in this performance is the same drummer that they played with when I saw them live in October.