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ASAP Rocky’s story is definitely one worth highlighting.  Not in the normal way you would expect a rapper to have an interesting story, that he faced a lot of adversity and sold a lot of crack or something, he probably did, but that’s not what I feel is so important about him.  What is so important is that in July he released a video that started quickly spreading around Tumblr, and by early October, he had signed a 3 million dollar record contract.  Now, alone this isn’t that amazing.  I mean, Kreayshawn did the same thing.  But the fact that not that many people are talking about it shows that the internet is still going full-throttle speeding up the career paths of artists faster now than ever.  Maybe that doesn’t interest you, but it interests me.  Anyways, I personally enjoy ASAP Rocky’s music, so I am looking forward to listening to this tape, how could you not with features from Main Attrakionz, Spaceghostpurrp, and Fat Tony, and production from Clams Casino and Beautiful Lou.  So you can stream the mixtape with a nice dollop of hype or download it below.  Enjoy.





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