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Hal Williams is the less visible half of the least visible component of Odd Future.  Tyler, The Creator sold 50,000 albums in the first week, and Hal uploads a stellar mini-album to soundcloud and gets 455 plays total, but I assure you, he is a member of Odd Future.  In fact, in my opinion one of the most talented members of Odd Future, if not the most talented member of Odd Future.  When people think of r&b and rap they rarely think of psychedelia.  Weed, alcohol, and crack sale quickly come to mind, but rarely do acid or mushrooms.  Pyramid Vritra is a strong outlier of this stereotype.  His uptempo, quirky, electronic beats sound like something aliens would listen to while they were tripping.  His music is futuristic sounding, while staying rooted in acoustic rhythms and melodies.  I have a feeling that Pyramid Vritra is simply ahead of his time, so hopefully, since he is still extremely young, he will get credit for his incredible music eventually.  Stream the Elenor mini-album below…


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