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Milo is an artsy/nerdy rapper that I’ve been vibing to for a little while trying to finalize my opinion on him.  At first Milo seemed like an unashamed follower of the Das Racist hyper-referential and humor based rapping style who had a slower and deadpan flow.  After listening more to his album I wish my brother Rob was here I’ve decided that Milo has much more to offer than I first thought.  Along with his rhymes mentioning some of my favorite things like Breaking Bad, Discovery Channel and Bill Murray, Milo has some serious heavy thoughts that he spins into his rhymes.  While his style is slow and he sometimes overplays his enormous vocabulary, the deliberate approach allows Milo to sound incredibly poetic on some of his songs, a word I wouldn’t use to describe some of my favorite rappers.  Stream his album below and download it over at his bandcamp


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