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This song is very different from most of the stuff that we usually post on The Up-Turn, but that by no means means that it is not good.  Maybe its because we are both pale kids who honestly have never been the biggest rebels, but maybe that’s why Trash Talk is appealing to me now.  I have always been a big Misfits and Ramones fan, but never have gotten into the more hardcore side of the punk scene.  For some reason Trash Talk appeals to me.  I’m still not completely comfortable listening to Trash Talk’s full EP, but it appeals to me, and I think that its extremely important to listen to music like that every once in a while.  The video for “Awake” is full of destruction and hardcore clichés, but I have a feeling it is going to reach a lot of people who wouldn’t usually listen to hardcore so that’s probably for the best.  Like it or not, I think music like this is on the way in, and Trash Talk is starting to give me an idea of why.


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