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When the news hit the internet that The Neptunes had found a new protegé, in a little-known enigmatic rapper from Compton named Buddy, you could find many puzzled looks across the blogosphere.  Then a few weeks ago when Buddy released his first Neptunes-produced single, “Awesome Awesome”, there were a lot more puzzled looks around the blogosphere.  It pains me to agree with any consensus of other blogs but, even after Buddy has released this video, its hard to really tell what The Neptunes see as unique in him, let alone think of any good words to describe him other than calling him the exact median of all currently popular rappers.  I have faith in The Neptunes though, so who knows, Buddy is young and maybe he will grow into a rapper who is more than just an empty medium for Chad and Pharrell to distribute their music to the world, and he will bring something new and unique to their music.  Who knows…


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