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The Up-Turn

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For about 6 months David Stephan has been producing and releasing music as 1 Minute Miracles.  His artist name is derived directly from the music he has been making: short, bite-sized beats that are all under 2-minutes in length.  Much of his work will draw comparisons to J Dilla’s Donuts which also showed off a talent at creating small and developed musical ideas.

1 Minute Miracles- The Big Disco in the Sky:

None of his songs sound the same and each time I listen to a new track it’s like unwrapping a tiny present.  His music is incredibly fun, well produced and fast-paced.  I have no idea where Stephan is going to take his project next but I am sure that whatever 1 Minute Miracles turns into will be fantastic.  Stream more songs at his tumblr or soundcloud

1 Minute Miracles- Baby:


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