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The Up-Turn

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This is a great song for all of the people who think of Odd Future as Tyler, Earl and no one else.  Two of Odd Future’s members who tend to stay out of the spotlight, Syd and Matt Martians (of Super3 and Jet Age of Tomorrow) have teamed up to form a spacey r&b group called The Internet.  For their first song, Matt has put together a simple but artfully crafted beat that doesn’t stand out to much, as it shouldn’t because hooooly shit, Syd has a really good voice.  Ever since Odd Future was a group of rebellious kids in LA that no one cared about, Syd has done a lot of work (mixing all of the group’s music) but stayed behind the scenes, but now she is front-and-center on this track and plays the part fantastically.  With Syd’s delicate and beautifully melodic voice and Matt’s simple but unique beats, The Internet definitely deserves to be turning some heads, and I’m sure they will when their just-finished LP drops.  Stream/download below…


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