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Real Estate doesn’t make flashy or showy music designed to blow up your speakers and demand your attention.  Instead, Real Estate make beautiful pop tracks that reveal themselves more with each listen.  Each song is enveloped in amazing guitar lines, dreamy vocals and an undeniable sense of taking it easy.  ‘Green Aisles’ is the latest example of Real Estate’s unique and fantastic aesthetic, and is the latest leak from their upcoming album Days.  Over its 5-minute length, ‘Green Aisles’ swells and shifts with great subtleties that take multiple listens to appreciate.  The lyrics match the track’s feeling perfectly as Courtney sings “all those wasted miles/all those aimless drives through the green aisles/are careless lifestyle/it was not so unwise, no”.  Days comes out October 18th via Domino and you can stream and download the track below…


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