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The Up-Turn

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Odd Future’s designated super-stoner, Domo Genesis, just dropped off his second full release at 4:20 today.  There is a big difference between Under The Influence and Rolling Papers though.  A little over a year ago when Domo dropped off Rolling Papers, he was a decent rapper but, to be honest, wasn’t completely up to par with most of the other rappers in Odd Future.  That isn’t to say that Rolling Papers was a bad release though.  It had some of my favorite beats of the year, except they were the focus instead of Domo’s rapping.  Now, Domo has clearly been doing something right, because his abilities as an MC have improved staggeringly.  That’s why Under The Influence comes at the perfect time.  Aside from one or two original beats, Under The Influence sees Domo lacing industry beats, which fittingly shifts the focus from the beats to Domo’s newly gained skills.  There was some talk about Domo and Michael Uzowuru coming out with a project together, and if so I am giddy to say the least.  Stream the track Michael produced for Under The Influence below, and link to download below that…



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