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The Up-Turn

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Way back when, I used to be a huge fan of both Ayomari and TiRon’s individual music, but for some reason I’m not sure of, I kind of lost touch.  Now, I am just learning that the two, who did tracks together relatively frequently but had never come out with a full project together, have already come out with a mixtape, an EP, and now an LP together.  Of course, I had to check out A Sucker For Pumps when I saw it, and I’m really glad I did.  TiRon & Ayomari put together an extremely solid release.  With beats and features from the likes of Exile, Thundercat, and more, A Sucker For Pumps isn’t a challenging listen, but an extremely entertaining one.  You can stream the entire LP below and then buy it via bandcamp.  So far my favorite tracks are “Jack Kerouac” and “All My Love”.



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