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I don’t know much about d00zt.  In fact, I don’t know anything about d00zt.  So, I am going to tell you some things I assume are true about him or her (if I am completely wrong and make an ass out of myself don’t laugh at me).  First of all, I assume that d00zt is some type of friend or acquaintance of 17-year old genius Zoo Kid because his vocals appear on this song for a short but powerful verse.  Second, I am going to assume that d00zt is British, considering that he associates with Zoo Kid and that different British landscapes appear on multiple album covers of his.  Other than that, I know that d00zt has been putting out some breath-taking piano-centric tunes on his bandcamp for a while now.  The obvious comparison would be James Blake, because they are both (probably) British and seem to put a great deal of effort into composing chord progressions, but there is definitely more to d00zt than a talented artist inspired by James Blake.  d00zt’s music is audibly more influenced by British darkwave than dubstep and has a hint of hip-hop influence that shows on the few songs that actually have drum tracks.  I have absolutely no idea what will come of d00zt, but I don’t really care as long as I can put this song on repeat in my iTunes and zone out to it for hours.


d00zt’s Bandcamp Page

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