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When I first listened to Danny Brown’s buzzworthy mixtape, XXX, Chip$’s feature on “Detroit 187” stood out to me.  Coming out of nowhere with virtually no name and dropping a meth-reference on the track of a much bigger artist was a bold move by Chip$, but it definitely caught my attention.  I attempted to find out more about Chip$, but a couple of google searches didn’t turn anything up, so I gave up.  Now he has dropped his debut mixtape, and it is definitely something to be talked about.  You could definitely call Chip$’s style and subject matter “weed rap”, but it is a pretty new and unique breed of “weed rap”.  Although Chip$’s lyrics are packed full of weed references and hedonism as weed rap usually is, unlike his peers, Curren$y or Devin The Dude for example, Chip$ has a much more energetic rapping style, without sacrificing a smooth flow mind you, and instead of smooth jazzy beats, prefers stumbling, distorted, electronic beats.  The Adventures of A Couch Potato is an extremely strong first release for a relatively unknown rapper, and I hope will garner a lot of attention.  Download below…



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