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I’ve been listening to Lecs Luther for a little while now not exactly sure what to say about the Dublin based rapper who is on the verge of breaking out.  After listening to his track ‘Dia Dhuit’ countless times I’m pretty confident that there is a lot more to Luther than an Irish version of Tyler, The Creator.  The similarities to Tyler are mostly in their similar swag as Luther prefers a much more laid back and word-dense flow comparable to Earl or MF DOOM.

That said, Luther probably isn’t quite ready to build an enormous cult following like his influences have but the potential is clearly there.  With the drop of his debut mixtape Fish and Chips I have no doubt that Luther will gain more deserved recognition as every track I’ve heard off it so far has been great.  ‘Dia Dhuit’ is an incredibly dense track filled with nonstop clever lyricism while ‘Trumpets’ is a lust narrative not unlike ‘She’, both showing he can make catching and intelligent tracks.


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