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17 year old Houston rapper O.Z. released his debut mixtape through NoNameMusicCo a few days ago and I have been listening ever since.  O.Z. is one of the best examples of someone wise way beyond their age I can think of.  A listen through. Genesis makes it clear that O.Z. prefers substance heavy rap to gun talk or brag rap, but unlike Lil B’s most recent effort, I’m Gay, for example, O.Z. pulls it off extremely well.  On “The Gates”, O.Z. spews a plethora of philosophical ideas about his need to make music; over a lush, soulful beat, while on “Different Minds…Same Head” he threads together a story of either him and a childhood friend growing a part, or having split personalities over an electronic glitch-hop beat.  Genesis would be an extremely impressive first project for an artist of any age, and O.Z. was able to put it together at 17.  You can stream one of the singles, “Sleep” below, and I highly suggest you download the full project.



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