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Daily Archives: 08/27/2011

NoNameMusicCo just released this video for a new song from Houston rapper O.Z.  Though I am no film critic, there is something about the video that seems extremely well-crafted and put together.  Though the song doesn’t start until two and a half minutes into the video, the first part of the video adds a lot to the song, creating a strong build-up and emphasizing the songs lushness.  Aside from the video, the song is great too.  O.Z. throws a slew of philosophical and introspective lyrics at the listener with strongly genuine lyrics like “This is way beyond rap / this is all I’m good at.”  O.Z. plans to drop his debut album The Genesis sometime within the next few months and from the sound of “Gates” and “Sleep” it is going to turn a lot of heads.


Detroit rapper Danny Brown just turned 30 and released this mixtape to commemorate it.  Seeing as almost every up and coming rapper as of late is extremely young, Danny Brown seems like an unlikely artist to be on the brink of a breakthrough, but listening XXX makes you think otherwise.  To understand this tape and Danny Brown’s style, its important to know that Danny Brown openly has a bad addiction to adderall.  The tape is basically divided into two different sections with two completely different Danny Browns.  It starts out with the adderall-saturated, cartoonish Danny Brown as if his high begins right at the beginning of the album, but around half way through is the crash where Danny Brown suddenly turns into a depressed character who raps much more conventionally.  Though to some this might seem like a fault of the tape, to me it makes the tape seem much more cohesive and tell a story.  Brown is definitely going to receive a lot of attention for XXX but im sure his borderline obnoxious adderall character will definitely polarize opinions and have many naysayers.  You can link to download the tape below or hit the jump to listen to two songs from Danny’s different characters.



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