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Daily Archives: 08/26/2011

For anyone who thought Girls’ first single ‘Vomit’ was too dense and dark, this is for you.  The latest Father, Son, and Holy Ghost leak is a pure surf-rock jam that is sure to hook the same crowd that fell in love with ‘Lust For Life’.  The unforgettable chorus is something that is sure to have all hipsters cheering along with the lines “they don’t like my boney body/they don’t like my dirty hair”.  This is definitely a perfect track to close the summer, stream below…


After releasing their cover of Neon Indian’s ‘Should’ve Taken Acid With You’, Oberhofer became an instant buzz band earning praise from all reaches of the blogosphere.  The band are working on a debut album and the first leak ‘Gotta Go’ is a perfect way to build some hype around the project.  The song is definitely more produced and straight-forward than their earlier tracks but it maintains the raw and young sound of the tracks that most blogs fell in love with.  Stream and download below…