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Daily Archives: 08/22/2011

Anytime I see that Star Slinger has put out a remix, I am very confident that it’s going to be great.  When I saw that Star Slinger put out a dancehall remic of Toro y Moi’s fantastic track ‘New Beat’ there was no way the result could be anything but amazing.  Of course Star Slinger did not disappoint and his remix puts an entirely original spin on the track adding a great drum track and trumpets.  Stream and download below…


Everything that makes The Weeknd’s melodrama-soaked r&b so appealing is shown in spades with ‘The Birds (Part 1)’.  The beat is intense, the singing is emotional and the lyrics paint the picture of someone egotistical and breaking down.  The ballerina featuring video is a great representation and incredibly cinematic.