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Daily Archives: 08/20/2011

I think its a shame that in the internet world sometimes the only way to get a fanbase and/or buzz is to get a more famous artist on one of your songs, but in this case I’m just glad I found Main Attrakionz’s music.  The only reason I checked out the duo’s music is because I saw the ASAP Rocky feature and wanted to listen, but I ended up liking the track for much more than the ASAP Rocky verses.  Main Attrakionz have an extremely zoned out, abstract style that sounds like they do way too many drugs, but in a good way.  Their most recent project, 808’s and Dark Grapes II is probably the most unique rap project I’ve heard since Shabazz Palace’s Black Up.  Its a little hard to get into at first but is a very interesting listen.  Stream “Take 1” below…


The more I hear of Giraffage’s blissed-out and sample based songs the more I realize just how talented he is.  His latest track, ‘Polar Bear’, builds an amazing soundscape out of a simple looped sample and some great 8-bit sounding synths.  Giraffage layers on amazing sounds as the song grows and it floats at a perfectly dreamy pace for it’s 3-minute length.  For more check out his Pretty Things EP and stream ‘Polar Bear’ below…