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The latest crazy talented teenager is the 15 year old beat-maker Ryan Dela Cruz and his project Hollow Pigeons.  Knowing the average instrumental that a 15 year old might make on garageband, Dela Cruz should be called a prodigy.  His compositions are not only years ahead of his time, but also original.

Hollow Pigeons- Modern Lust

On ‘Modern Lust’, Ryan builds up an incredible atmosphere with only a few synths and a great drum machine beat.  The song balances on the perfect line between minimalism and lushness that is very hard to pull-off.  His track ‘Rituals’ even manages to throw in a wobble-bass that is neither intrusive or abused.  He is prepping to release and EP later this month which I will definitely be psyched to hear.

Hollow Pigeons- Rituals


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