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The Up-Turn

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Everyone’s favorite 17 year old dub master, Beat Culture, just dropped off this new track today.  “Slacker” is a simple but incredible track.  From the moment the synth line materialized at the beginning of the song I was hooked.  Over the course of the song Beat Culture builds a perfectly crafted atmosphere around the simple chord progression with Destiny’s Child and Back To The Future samples and a hard-hitting drum line good enough for the likes of Star Slinger or Gold Panda.  There is nothing I like more than to see an artist improve their craft, and over the past few months, Beat Culture has grown from a newcomer still finding his niche to one of my favorite artists.  If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you check out Beat Culture’s debut LP Goldenbacked Weaver and definitely keep a lookout for what he has in store for the future.  Stream/download below…


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