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Daily Archives: 08/13/2011

Glamstick is a duo from Orlando made up of 16 year olds Alex DeWahl and Shane Thomas who have a knack for making making music many wouldn’t expect two 16 year olds to be able to.  Though they have not released a full project yet, the duo’s talent for songwriting comes out very clearly in each of their singles.  On “Groups” (below) they combine a reverby Vampire Weekend-esque backdrops with fantastically energetic vocals that I would place somewhere in between Avey Tare and Alec Ounsworth, and on “Distand Grandma” (Soundcloud) they put together a perfectly sparse track broken up by sections of artfully aranged falsetto vocal melodies.  The duo is hoping to put together a length album by sometime this winter so be on the lookout for that, but for now you can listen to a number of songs on their bandcamp and soundcloud pages below…