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Daily Archives: 08/12/2011

From just listening to Jay Curry’s Vanity mixtape I thought of him as a rapper much more than a producer, but his CheetahPrintRose$ beat tape proves otherwise.  Over the 20 minutes or so of the tape, Curry showcases some incredible eclectic beats.  It seems like with this tape Curry has really found his niche; perfectly molding lo-fi synths, well-chosen samples, and dusty drums together.  Aside from the specifics, the entire tape has a perfectly laid back summery feel throughout that makes for a fantastically smooth listen.  Out of all of the great releases of the summer, I can honestly say that this is one of the most solid.  Stream/ link to download below…




Harlem up-and-comer ASAP Rocky just released this video for his brag rap song “Peso”.  The video is full of tons of pseudo gangster rap hipster imagery, but is awesome nonetheless.  ASAP Rocky seems intent on showing off his Harlem roots and if he continues to consistently knock out tracks like this, hopefully the Harlem rap scene is on its way back into relevance.