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Daily Archives: 08/11/2011

If you haven’t listened to the insanely talented Aeropsia, it is a soundcloud based electronic-musician that makes ambient/trancey/dubby music.  He is also looking for someone to sing over the already stunning ‘Untitled’ track he dropped on his soundcloud a few days ago.  Even without a vocal part the song is incredibly fleshed out and could only be made better with the addition of some killer vocals.  Check out the track below and if you think you are worthy of the track email him at


This is the kind of music that I love and rarely get to share on the blog.  Naomi Punk is a band I know very little about besides that they are based out of Washington.  The have huge, surf-rock riffs and play noisey, punky, grungy rock.  Their music barrows equally from 90s grunge and more recent no-fi bands like Wavves.  Their track ‘The Spell’ is a 5-minute thrashy epic that even comes with a “pop mix” for free over at their bandcamp.  I’ll definitely keep an eye out for new stuff from these guys.