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I’m a little late to the Total Slacker bandwagon but I can’t get enough of their easy-going, psych tinged music.  The band gained attention last year for their singles and are prepping to release a full-length, THRASHIN, on September 26th.  What really sets them apart is the great guitar work of lead singer Tucker Rountree.  While pumping out fantastically low-key tracks, Rountree still shows off his ability to create memorable guitar lines.  For me, Total Slacker is a perfect middle between Deerhunter and bands like Real Estate and Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils’ guitarist Cole Smith is set to appear on their album).  Stream the first leak ‘Psychic Mesa’ below and spot the tracklist after the jump…


1. Psychic Mesa
2. Shitty Baby
3. Secret VHS Collection
4. These Condos Don’t Belong
5. Magical Date Night
6. Stuck In 93′
7. Life On Easy Street
8. Thyme Travelling High School Dropout (Guest appearance by Cole Smith of Beach Fossils)
9. Stealing From Salvation Army (Guest appearance by Cole Smith of Beach Fossils)
10. No Mo 4loko
11. Koolz Mccrulez

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