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I never got too into Kreayshawn’s blow-up song “Gucci Gucci”, but I just heard St. Louis producer Khris P. Kream’s remix and can’t stop listening to it.  For the remix Khris P. Kream takes Kreayshawn’s instrumental, removes the sampled hook and gives it an incredible new beat.  To me, the beat sounds like if Koji Kondo had been an early 2000’s trap rap producer.  Kream even throws in a tasteful Gucci Mane sample from “My Chain” as the hook.  Apparently Khris P. Kream has a crew of other rap artists, like so many up and coming artists do these days, called The Sandlot, so as long as he is producing for them I’m definitely going to lend an ear.  Stream/download below…


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