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Amazingly, The Strokes’ classic debut album Is This It came out 10 years ago today.  I can still remember the first time I heard Is This It and how I instantly became a huge fan of The Strokes.  To celebrate this anniversary, Stereogum put together this great free album with 11 different covers of the 11 tracks on the album by 11 different great artists.  Some fantastic tracks on STROKED include Deradoorian (of Dirty Projecters)’s jazzy low-key cover of “Trying Your Luck”, Owen Pallet’s orchestral cover of “Hard To Explain”, Real Estates’ perfectly vibing cover of “Barely Legal”, Wise Blood’s dense cover of “Someday” and Heems (of Das Racist)’s free form cover of “New York City Cops” which turns out more as a rant about how dickish New York City Cops can be.  Is This It is without a doubt one of my favorite albums of all time, and Stereogum definitely put together a perfect tribute to it.  Stream and link to download below…



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