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Daily Archives: 07/27/2011

When I first stumbled across TV Girl and their irresistible self-titled EP I was incredibly impressed and anxious to see how they would continue and try to follow up their material.  Apparently, TV Girl decided to go make some more irresistible, sample-infused pop that sounds all their own.  There aren’t many bands incorporating samples so seamlessly into their music while still not relying on the sample to carry the song which really sets TV Girl apart.  Benny and the Jetts is a 4-track EP that feels perfect for the summer and only reaffirms my initial hopes for the band.  Stream and download below… it’s good for you.

Download: TV Girl- Benny and the Jetts


Psychic Chasms catapulted Neon Indian from the bed-room pop project of Alan Palomo into a universally acclaimed artist leading the mass of chill-wave music that still dominates much of the electronic underground.  The first leak from his upcoming album Era Extraña is the slow-burner ‘Fallout’.  While most of Neon Indian’s work bursted with upbeat rhythms and catchy synths, ‘Fallout’ is a whole different beast.  The song moves slowly and grows with subsequent listens.  Stream and download below…


Spaceghostpurrp just let go this monstrous new track on youtube from his aptly named upcoming project Trilluminatti.  If you have heard any of Spaceghostpurrp or Michael Uzowuru’s previous work you might think their sounds are incompatible, but on “Way Back” they work together perfectly.  Uzowuru provides a beat that matches Spaceghostpurrp’s over-the-top style perfectly without sounding like he is forcing anything, and Spaceghostpurrp delivers the usual trill, Three 6 Mafia-esque verse.  On top of this, though I’ve been underwhelmed with Speak!’s music in the past, he does a great job on this song and I will definitely be looking out for him in the future.  Trilluminatti shall blow all of our minds.