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The Up-Turn

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It is becoming more and more evident that 2011 is the year that brought back the saxophone.  Strong sax contributions hit the blogosphere early this year with Destroyer’s Kaputt and have continued strong with Colin Stetson, The Rapture, Bon Iver, Julian Lynch, Fleet Foxes and now M83 embracing the power sax solo.  One of the innovators, Clarence Clemens, may have passed away recently, however, the power sax has become a growing indie trend.  ‘Midnight City’ is the latest Hurry Up/We’re Dreaming leak that finds the french musician embracing the trend.  Even if the rocking solo didn’t enter in the last minute, this track would still be hard to describe without use of the word epic.  The soaring synths, pounding drums and lyrics build up an immense track that feels much larger than 4 minutes.  Stream/download below…


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