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The Up-Turn

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It has been almost two years since Neon Indian first burst onto the indie music scene with their debut album Psychic ChasmsPsychic Chasms  had an extremely upbeat and poppy feel to just about every song, but after it the band seemed to take a turn towards a darker more emotional tone.  First they released an extremely heavy EP with The Flaming Lips and then they released a dark clip from their album titled “Heart : Attack”.  “Heart : Decay” is also darker than anything on Psychic Chasms.  Although “Heart : Attack” and “Heart : Decay” show good signs for Neon Indian’s upcoming album Era Extraña, if the whole album is as dramatic as them, I will definitely miss the kitchiness of tracks like “Should Have Taken Acid With You” on Psychic Chasms.  Either way, I’m excited to hear where Neon Indian takes their sound for their new album.


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