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The Up-Turn

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And finally Beat Culture’s debut LP has arrived.  Though the LP could not have been in the making more than five or six months, considering Beat Culture has only been making music for that long, the album has a dense feeling that must have required an impeccable amount of attention to detail.  With Goldenbacked Weaver, not only is Beat Culture showcasing his talent, but he is also developing his own original sound that is sure to make him stand out from the crowd.  The LP moves swiftly from sunny upbeat jams such as “Hesitate” to dark labyrinth-like tracks such as “Pacific Dive” without missing a beat, or a perfect opportunity to slip in a reverb-heavy vocal sample.  You can stream the entire LP below and then download it for whatever price you would like at bandcamp.  Suggested tracks are the incredibly interesting jazzy groove; “Hung Up” and “We Will Learn”.



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