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Daily Archives: 07/11/2011

Hanz is a 22 year old beat maker from Georgia who recently sent along his impressive Distraction Tape.  The tape is filled with rhythmic and unconventional samples that come together to produce colorful sound collages.  Hanz describes taking inspiration from genres as eclectic as Brazilian surf rock and proto-punk and as a result his work sounds pretty unique.  Although Hanz’ work is pretty original, I can see people drawing comparisons to fellow producer Michael Uzowuru with their similar taste for left-field samples.  Beyond his beat tape, Hanz has a strong collection of streams at his soundcloud which includes remixes and other snippets.  I’m really excited to hear some more material from Hanz and according to his twitter he may be releasing a new EP soon.  Stream his OFWGKTA remix and download the Distraction Tape below.

Download: Distraction Tape