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When I first heard ASAP Rocky’s song “Purple Swag” which is steadily going viral, I became excited for a couple of reasons.  To me, the rise of ASAP Rocky symbolizes multiple developments.  First, I’m hoping the fact that ASAP is getting popular means that slow, chopped and screwed codeine rap is coming back into style because everyone knows rap is better slow.  Second, ASAP Rocky is one of the first rappers to have the possibility to come up out of Harlem in a while, and hopefully is a harbinger of the return of the Dipset days.  Lastly, ASAP is part of a growing rap collective known as The Raiders Klan that includes buzzing rappers such as Spaceghostpurrp and Kreashawn, so I am excited to see how The Raiders will fit into the hip-hop world.  Aside from all of this, “Purple Swag” is an amazing song especially after the switch-up around a minute and a half in.  If you want to hear more from ASAP you can link to download his Deep Purple mixtape below…



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