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Most people who only know Tyler for his most famous tracks like “Yonkers” and “French” get the idea that he is a diabolical character who is only interested in offending people, and though that is definitely part of who he is, if you’ve heard tracks like “Analog” you know that there’s another side to him.  That side really comes out in this mix where Tyler takes the alias of DJ Stankdaddy, and puts together a truly great mix of sunny R&B, Indie rock, and hip-hop tracks from the likes of Erykah Badu, Smith Westerns, N*E*R*D, T.I., and more, divided by absurd interuptions from DJ Stankdaddy that only add to the mix’s care-free feel.  The mix is extremely enjoyable, but is also interesting because it really does paint a picture of all of the different influences that make up Tyler’s sound.  For now you can download the over-an-hour-long track via the link below, and hopefully later we will be able to stream on soundcloud.

UPDATE: Stream now available below via Hypetrak




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