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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Gauntlet Hair has yet to release a bad song.  Despite only having a few short releases to their name, Gauntlet Hair has built up an incredible reputation for their consistently amazing, sprawling/noisy/experimental pop.   ‘Top Bunk’ is the first leak from their upcoming (and highly anticipated) self-titled debut and it’s just as jaw-droppingly stellar as their other releases.  Gauntlet Hair drops October 18th on Dead Oceans and if you haven’t already listened check out ‘Out Don’t’ and ‘I Was Thinking..’.


I never got too into Kreayshawn’s blow-up song “Gucci Gucci”, but I just heard St. Louis producer Khris P. Kream’s remix and can’t stop listening to it.  For the remix Khris P. Kream takes Kreayshawn’s instrumental, removes the sampled hook and gives it an incredible new beat.  To me, the beat sounds like if Koji Kondo had been an early 2000’s trap rap producer.  Kream even throws in a tasteful Gucci Mane sample from “My Chain” as the hook.  Apparently Khris P. Kream has a crew of other rap artists, like so many up and coming artists do these days, called The Sandlot, so as long as he is producing for them I’m definitely going to lend an ear.  Stream/download below…


The first time I listened to Sat. Nite Duets I couldn’t get enough of their unique blend of rock, experimental and humor.  It was obvious listening to their music that the guys of Sat. Nite Duets liked making music together and weren’t afraid to goof off.  The place for humor in music is something that the indie-world has always struggled with.  Some critics find no place for anything but seriousness with music and let’s be honest, that’s no fun.  When I chatted with Joe of Sat. Nite Duets we talked about having fun with making music, the band’s influences and other rad musical things which of course I’ve left largely unedited and uncut.  Check out the full interview below and ‘peace be to you’.

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Amazingly, The Strokes’ classic debut album Is This It came out 10 years ago today.  I can still remember the first time I heard Is This It and how I instantly became a huge fan of The Strokes.  To celebrate this anniversary, Stereogum put together this great free album with 11 different covers of the 11 tracks on the album by 11 different great artists.  Some fantastic tracks on STROKED include Deradoorian (of Dirty Projecters)’s jazzy low-key cover of “Trying Your Luck”, Owen Pallet’s orchestral cover of “Hard To Explain”, Real Estates’ perfectly vibing cover of “Barely Legal”, Wise Blood’s dense cover of “Someday” and Heems (of Das Racist)’s free form cover of “New York City Cops” which turns out more as a rant about how dickish New York City Cops can be.  Is This It is without a doubt one of my favorite albums of all time, and Stereogum definitely put together a perfect tribute to it.  Stream and link to download below…



Although Zach Condon has spent most of his career indulging in the musical stylings of exotic countries and influences, the latest Rip Tide leak shows Condon giving tribute to his hometown of ‘Santa Fe’.  Like ‘East Harlem’, ‘Santa Fe’ is a track that has a constant beat driving it forward and to bigger places.  Where there is some lack of dynamics the swell of trumpets and never ceasing drum beats  ensure that the track doesn’t sound straightforward or predictable.


When I first stumbled across TV Girl and their irresistible self-titled EP I was incredibly impressed and anxious to see how they would continue and try to follow up their material.  Apparently, TV Girl decided to go make some more irresistible, sample-infused pop that sounds all their own.  There aren’t many bands incorporating samples so seamlessly into their music while still not relying on the sample to carry the song which really sets TV Girl apart.  Benny and the Jetts is a 4-track EP that feels perfect for the summer and only reaffirms my initial hopes for the band.  Stream and download below… it’s good for you.

Download: TV Girl- Benny and the Jetts


Psychic Chasms catapulted Neon Indian from the bed-room pop project of Alan Palomo into a universally acclaimed artist leading the mass of chill-wave music that still dominates much of the electronic underground.  The first leak from his upcoming album Era Extraña is the slow-burner ‘Fallout’.  While most of Neon Indian’s work bursted with upbeat rhythms and catchy synths, ‘Fallout’ is a whole different beast.  The song moves slowly and grows with subsequent listens.  Stream and download below…