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Hehehahahhahehah.  I wrote “fuck” in the title of a post.  But other than for that reason, I am posting Phantom Power’s brand new EP because it is really good.  Eric, the brains behind Phantom Power, has been making his rounds around bandcamp with a great deal of indie jamz varying in fuzziness and synthiness.  His newest effort, FUCK. is a great showing.  Though Phantom Power utilizes some synth sounds that have become increasingly common in the indie world over the past few years, he puts his own spin on each song.  Whether its twangy, almost funky guitars as on “Olympus” or acoustic guitar strumming contrasting the electronic backdrop, Phantom Power keeps it fresh.  With FUCK. he has incorporated a hip-hop-ish 808 drum set into a bunch of songs and it fits in really well.  Phantom Power is going to be playing a few shows around the New York area this summer and I am hoping they will get him some more attention.  Stream and link to download below…



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