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Apparently I’m kind of late on this one but whatever, I’m just glad I found out about this.  When I first heard about WU LYF I expected them to be extremely overrated.  WU LYF (which stands for World United Lucifer Youth Foundation) is a band and their surrounding friends from England with a large cult following.  The mystery surrounding the group and their heavily artsy image earned them a lot of buzz, so I naturally expected their music not to live up to their hype, but thinking they might have something to do with the Wu-Tang Clan (they do not) I checked them out.  I started out with some of the awesome videos on youtube they have that are starting to get popular, such as “L Y F” and was intrigued.  The singer’s vocal style sounds like it is influenced by drunken bar singing and soccer chants, but the instrumentation is much more clean cut.  I checked out their debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain and really enjoyed it.  You can stream one of my favorite songs from the album, “We Bros” below and link to WU LYF’s website under that.



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