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I’ve always been a fan of La Blogotheque and their many amazing ‘A Take Away Show’ videos that capture live performances from some of my favorite bands.  Their latest series find the crew recording in New York with Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore.  Moore just released an acoustic solo album Demolish Thoughts which is one of my favorite albums so far this year.  Compared to the mess and noise of Sonic Youth, Demolished Thoughts is a complete reinvention for Moore.

Each song is thoughtfully composed, beautifully produced and laced with orchestration.  In both videos Moore reveals a lot of details about his thoughts on his music from his earlier days and now.  He discusses the scenes he was involved with in New York and why he considers his work New York music.  Along with the perfect cinematography and Moore’s fantastic performance the video really shows Moore’s immense skill as he flawlesy pounds out complex chord progressions.  Even though he’s grown up, Moore has an incredible sense of creativity and knows how to make great music.


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