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Most of you probably know Vince Staples from his verse on a certain infamous track from the now legendary Earl Sweatshirt, but there is a lot more to Vince Staples than that one track.  Though not part of Odd Future, Vince has also lent verses to albums from Mike G and Jet Age of Tomorrow.  Now Vince is gearing up for his foray into the music world as a solo artist and this first taste definitely shows good signs.  For this perfectly named track, Vince chose Michael Uzowuru to provide the low-key backdrop, and he laces it with some contrasting lyrics.  In the short verse, Vince compares himself to satin and God and contemplates suicide, all in a tone that gives off the impression that this is everyday conversation for Vince.  Vince’s album will hopefully be dropping soon and will feature production from The Super 3, Left Brain, Syd The Kid, and Michael Uzowuru, so even if Vince weren’t a formidable lyricist, it would still be a doozie.  Stream and download below…


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