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For the past few days I have been really digging on the music coming from Jacob McNaughton with his project Galapagos.  With Galapagos, McNaughton makes blissed-out, sample based electronic music similar to Giraffage and Gold Panda.  Each track is sun-saturated and instantly catchy, and many of these are some of the strongest tracks I’ve heard all year.  Galapagos ventures past the samples with some tracks and takes on the 50s doo-wop classic ‘Earth Angel’.

With his latest release, Big Cat EP, Galapagos has crafted 5 perfect tracks that I really can’t get enough of.  McNaughton took some risks on the release, reimagining both ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘God Only Knows’.  Taking a universally loved Beach Boys classic is risky and it paid off immensely as the track works incredibly well.  Stream the two EPs and download them here and here.


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