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Last week I stumbled across music from Milwaukee based Sat. Nite Duets, and I have been consistently listening to their music ever since.  Sat. Nite Duets is a band that is way too young to be pinned down, way too smart to take themselves seriously and way too good to be unheard.  Their take on grimy, basement produced rock has earned them comparison to Pavement and Silver Jews while personally their avant garde compositions and light hearted lyrics remind me of The Unicorns and even Little Brothers.

One of my favorite lyrics comes from One Nite Only [EP] stand-out, ‘BF Season’, as the band chants “Gary’s now a real estate agent/Sarah’s now a real estate agent/Larry’s not a real estate agent/Cause we are all real estate agents!”  The band has released a hand-full of EPs over the years and a couple of really great videos that are after the jump.  I can honestly say that Sat. Nite Duets are set to take over the blogosphere if they ever decide to put out a full-length album.  I have no clue what the band will sound like but it will most likely be awesome.  Like them on facebook and check out their bandcamp.


Throwback Man:

All Nite Long:

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