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When the word nostalgia is used to describe music these days most people will probably immediately assume that the music is some brand of the chill-wave genre that has taken over the blogosphere electronic scene.  When I say that Little Brothers make nostalgic music, I mean it in the honest, emotionally yearning way.  The opening track on the bands debut effort nostalgia trip 2011 bursts with the kind of gripping honesty that most bands try their whole careers to reach.  The band’s strength seems to come from their modest motivation, the band is made up of brothers Michael and Tony and their friend Jason who are based in Louisville, Kentucky.  Their routes show in the music which really sounds like southern-rock infused garage-rock… with some jazz influence in the drums and sax.  nostalgia trip 2011 is fantastic and something that I will definitely keep listening to throughout the year, check it out at their bandcamp or stream below.


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