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The Up-Turn

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One benefit of computers and the internet that no one in the music community can argue against is their ability to give virtually anyone with a computer the opportunity to record music.  Beat Culture, a 16 year old, is an example of why we should be grateful of this.  About three months ago, he got his hands on a copy of FL Studio and things just clicked.  He immediately began pumping out multiple songs a week, constantly improving.  He recently upgraded to Ableton Live and put together this EP in a week, but it does not show in the work at all.  Ginza Waterway is a cohesive project that shows Beat Culture masterfully crafting a variety of different samples into ghostly background vocals for his synth and drum driven songs that one cannot help but compare to the work of Burial.  Ginza Waterway can be streamed below or on his bandcamp where you can download it for a mere $5 at a ‘name your own price’.  I also suggest you check out his facebook fan page where he frequently releases new songs.



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