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Monthly Archives: May 2011

We first introduced you to Beat Culture a few weeks ago with his Ginza Waterway EP.  Since then, he has continued to add to his already large discography and has been building a steady, most definitely deserved, buzz.  Now he has released a compilation of some truly incredible remixes.  Remixes, Vol. 1 sets an extremely high standard right off the bat with a natural-sounding, extremely well-polished remix of Crystal Castles’ song with Robert Smith, “Not In Love”.  Over the course of the compilation, he puts his own spin on songs from the likes of James Blake, Kanye West, The xx, Cut Copy, Phoenix, Girls, and Radiohead seamlessly maneuvering between zoned-out synth-heavy remixes and more upbeat sample-chopping remixes without stumbling, and once again is showing definite signs of growth in ability.  He started recording music about 3 or 4 months ago, so I can’t even imagine where he will be a year from now.  Stream below and then link to bandcamp to download for a name your own price option.



For the past few days I have been really digging on the music coming from Jacob McNaughton with his project Galapagos.  With Galapagos, McNaughton makes blissed-out, sample based electronic music similar to Giraffage and Gold Panda.  Each track is sun-saturated and instantly catchy, and many of these are some of the strongest tracks I’ve heard all year.  Galapagos ventures past the samples with some tracks and takes on the 50s doo-wop classic ‘Earth Angel’.

With his latest release, Big Cat EP, Galapagos has crafted 5 perfect tracks that I really can’t get enough of.  McNaughton took some risks on the release, reimagining both ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘God Only Knows’.  Taking a universally loved Beach Boys classic is risky and it paid off immensely as the track works incredibly well.  Stream the two EPs and download them here and here.


For those of you that listened to Asa Davis’ Visible Thoughts (for those that didn’t, you should listen right now), you might remember O.Z. from one of the better tracks on the album, “Carrots of Gold”.  Now O.Z. is back with a solo track.  “Sleep” has a dark, low-key beat and O.Z.’s flow is smooth and near-perfectly introspective over it.  O.Z. isn’t trying to break down any major creative barriers with this track, he is sticking to a tried and tested boom-bap format, and does a great job.  O.Z. will be putting out his debut album Genesis sometime this summer with NoNameMusicCo. and it is sure to be a solid release.  Stream and download below…


The first word that many used to describe Justice’s latest single, ‘Civilization’, was epic.  Everything about the tracks booming synths and grandiose lyrics give the track an incredible sense of scale and awe.  The video for the track capitalizes on all these feelings with a video that truly lives up to the epic music.  The video centers on an abandoned landscape filled with deteriorating statues and monuments inhabited only by buffalo.  Definitely one of my favorite videos of the year so far.


The latest mp3 from NicX is a change of pace from his usual work.  The track, featuring Mike Art, shows NicX approaching a beat much more menacing and spitting lyrics much darker than the typical NicX subjects.  NicX and Mike Art have some great interplay on the track and work well off of each other’s lyrics. Despite the semi-obnoxious ‘woops’ that accent the track, this is one of the strongest and most impressive tracks I’ve heard from NicX and has me pretty excited to hear more tracks from NicX and Mike Art together.

mp3: NicX//Mike Art- Best Friends


Detailing and examining the influential life of Gil Scott-Heron, who died yesterday, is something that I really am not in a position to do.  However, like most people, the music of Scott-Heron has had a large impact on what music I have listened to.  Even for those who have never heard Scott-Heron’s work, his influence and style can be heard in the genre of rap which he is credited with sparking.  Whether he is crooning over stripped down instrumentation or delivering fast-paced, spoken word lyrics, Scott-Heron is a master of his craft and will be incredibly missed.  After the jump we will be putting up some of our favorite tracks by and featuring Gil Scott-heron.  R.I.P.

-The Up-Turn

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This year is set to be a year dominated by experimental r&b via Canadian duo The Weeknd.  The group has already released an amazing mixtape and have announced two more mixtapes that are set to release this upcoming Summer and Fall.  To tide over any fans for the next two releases, the Weeknd has leaked 6 previously unreleased tracks that serves almost as a demo EP.  The songs on the EP show off the Weeknd exploring brighter sounds than the melancholia of  House of Balloons.  It is unclear whether these tracks will appear on future releases or are just unfinished ideas.  Either way the tracks are all pretty great.