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The Up-Turn

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If you haven’t heard, in 2009 some guy recorded some album while alone in the woods of Wisconsin and some people liked it.  Now, that same guy is preparing to release a follow-up self-titled album later this year.  The video above is a 50 second teaser that features some promising sounding music that is sure to hype people for the album.  It is apparent that this release will sound much more professional than the famously self-recorded debut.  Check out the jump for the tracklist.


01 “Perth”
02 “Minnesota, WI”
03 “Holocene”
04 “Towers”
05 “Michicant”
06 “Hinnom, TX”
07 “Wash.”
08 “Calgary”
09 “Lisbon, OH”
10 “Beth/Rest”

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