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Soundcloud has really become a community for artists to start and build their musical careers as it has become a real thriving center of activity for all types of musicians.  One successful soundclouder is San Francisco native Aeropsia.  Through soundcloud, Aeropsia has gained over 1,400 followers who can actively stay up to date with and listen to his music.  Aeropsia makes hazy and dub inspired electronic music that utilizes lots of great sampling.

His 5 track EP, Lost in Static, is an awesome wash of soul samples, drumbeats and wozy synths that sound incredibly lush and memorable.  What makes it even better is that the EP can be downloaded for free off his soundcloud, for anyone following his page.  Beyond his EP, Aeropsia has also dropped an over 40-minute long mixtape that can be downloaded for free below, also be sure to check out his soundcloud for more.

Download: Aeropsia- Almost Spring


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