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While Brooklyn has been dominating the indie music scene for some time now, Seattle will forever remain a haven for interesting and fresh music that is always willing to experiment.  The latest band to emerge from this scene is the hard to pin down quintet, Yuni in Taxco.  When I was first introduced to Yuni it was hard not to fall for their infectious and sunny rock songs, and I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way seeing how they have attracted attention from Seattle radio station KEXP.  I recently talked with Ross of the band and the conversation can be read after the jump (no grammar or spelling has been corrected to keep with the conversational tone of the interview).

Yuni:  this is Ross, How are things?

Peter:  Things are pretty good over here! How about you guys?  Anything new or exciting happen recently?

Yuni:  Just the usual stuff, we’re constantly recording new demos, so talk of another album has started, and that’s definitely exciting.

Peter:  Oh really? That’s very awesome! How have things been since the album release? Were you guys expecting all the positive feedback and attention that Sanpaku brought?

Yuni:  we’re excited that it is being enjoyed in any capacity. The attention from the local radio station Kexp has been great, it makes us feel the right energy from our work, and makes us want to keep at it

Peter:  Yeah, I watched that performance it was very good!  KEXP is easily one of my favorite public radio stations.

Yuni:  I know I was just thinking how “local” barely describes their reach anymore. That station is worldwide.

Peter:  Yeah, I actually can hear them every morning from 9-12 from a local station here in CT!  They always seem to get amazing performances from bands and I think that radio stations with such a great impact are becoming rarer

Yuni:  very true. It’s a good thing to be a part of. Sean was just saying the other day that it felt cool to be played on a station that he’d supported for so long. It’s the kind of relationship musicians really look for in an industry where relationships can be kind of cheap.

Peter:  Definitely true, also I should probably ask what instrument you play in the band.

Yuni:  I play guitar and sing.

Peter:  Oh awesome! I’ve seen all the videos but I never got all your names

Yuni:  Well there’s my brother Bryce, and he’s the drummer. Sean on the other main vocals and Isaiah and Jim. Isaiah plays samples and keys, and Jim plays everything, bass, keys, electric, slide etc.

Yuni in Taxco- Baked Eyes:

Peter:  Ok awesome! I saw that you guys played with Destroyer, what was that like?

Yuni:  It was a great show, The War on Drugs played as well, and both of those bands were excellent.  Dan Bejar is quite the showman.

Peter:  Yeah, his latest album is getting a lot of praise around the blogosphere so I’m sure playing with him was both great and gave you guys some more exposure! Are there any newer albums from this year or last that you guys are really digging?

Yuni:  Definitely. Bryce, Sean and I are all huge fans of the newest release by Women. It’s called public strain and it’s great.  Isaiah and I were playing the new Tyler the Creator stuff the other day, and I’ve seen some content on your site about him and odd future.  I think these guys make amazing beats, and the lyrics are real. Also, the new Damien Jurado album that Richard Swift produced has been big in our circle

Peter:  Yeah Public Strain is great and of course we do love Odd Future, I haven’t heard of Damien Jurado though

Yuni:  local songwriter. I did a cover of his song Beacon Hill from his newest album Saint Bartlett. You can hear it on our site

Peter:  awesome I will definitely check both the cover and his stuff

Yuni:  we almost live on Beacon Hill. yah he’s an amazing songwriter.

Peter:  What are some of the bands that you grew up listening to (even if you may be ashamed to admit some of them)?

Yuni:  lagwaggon, metallica, 50 cent, eminem. mariah carey, Hatebreed, new found glory, slayer, manowar, nofx, damien jurado, minor threat, joy division, the cure…to answer honestly.

Peter:  wow definitely some great bands on there.  Have you always listened to more underground music then?

Yuni:  No. I have just as much respect for popular music as underground. I try to take what’s genuinely good from any music I hear and use it.  fact is I write mostly pop songs drawing from all different eras of “popular music” whether it’s Roy Orbison or Mariah Carey.  I like to be honest about what moves me. Though the finer elements of taste in anything does lie on the fringe and I like to be aware of what’s there too…

Peter:  I definitely agree, mainstream music isn’t all bad, but you definitely have to go with what you really feel. Some tracks on Sanpaku have a 60s throwback feel, is that I sound you guys want to pursue or are you guys always changing styles?

Yuni:  We’ve definitely taken note of that influence in our songwriting, and I wouldn’t mind if it stayed, but don’t be surprised if you hear an R&B side project or Bryce’s next hardcore band concept, showing up in some recordings. I just watched Spinal Tap, and kind of empathized with that fictional band because of all the genres they try and transcend. Playing and recording music can be exactly like that sometimes.

Peter:  Haha oh Spinal Tap… what an amazing film

Yuni:  no doubt.

Peter:  and hearing some R&B from you guys would be very sweet, definitely a genre that I think has been underappreciated and is probably on a rise

Yuni:  Yes.  I was half joking.

Peter:  Well I hope that half that was serious churns out some seriously sweet R&B, but really I guess do what you want because it works.

Yuni:  haha nice! I like that thinking.

Photo by Dace Lichterman

Peter:  Well, I guess anything else you might want to mention or give a shout-out to?  Future projects?

Yuni:  shout out to Ghost of Kyle Bradford, Pwrfl Power, Street Meat,, listen hear media, and to whoever wants to release our current or future records. Your blog is good man, I’ve been checking it often since we started sharing stuff with you, it’s been a pleasure.

Peter:  Well I’ve been digging all your stuff so thanks for making all the good stuff. And keep on making great music!

Yuni:  word, thanks a lot Peter, talk to you soon man.

Peter:  Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing whatever you guys do next. Peace

Yuni:  we’ll send it your way first! peace.

I definitely can’t wait to see where exactly Yuni take their music next and I am confident that it will be good… even if it’s all R&B.  And in case you haven’t heard, Sanpaku is now a free download off of Yuni’s bandcamp!  Stream and download below.

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