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Someone needs to write a thank you note to Blackbird Blackbird to all of the great free music they have given the world over the past year or so.  Now, they have put an entire LP up on bancamp for the world to enjoy.  Halo LP ranges from acoustic to completely electronic tracks, all full of lush reverb comparable to Phil Spector’s wall of sound.  When Blackbird Blackbird first came onto the scene they were clearly a chillwave band, but throughout the past few months they have shown that you can’t classify them so strictly, with outlier remixes and tracks that completely ditch the chillwave sound.  This LP is a little more chillwave than not, but is a great listen, especially for these early spring days.  You can stream the album below and there is a limited amount of name your own price downloads on their bandcamp, so get it while you can


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